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Inside Looking Out

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Outside looking in is where we once were when thought of the idea of propagating knowledge that is internal and external to the company. With the thrust of collective minds and collaborative ideas around, the concept of 'inversely proportional' learning comes into the picture - low cost, high quality. Enter Redadair College. A training platform that is generated from creativity, capable of delivering online training to both sides of the coin - across all staff within the organization and to future clients outside the organization. With Redadair College's goal in mind, we're now inside looking out - thinking of the ever-evolving learning we can share and impart through this platform. The power of e-Learning is in everyone's capable hands, let's take advantage and enrich our minds.

What is e-Learning?

Redadair College is inspired by the principle of e-Learning. It is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom - applicable to both the education industry and the corporate world.

e-Learning simplified.

Why e-Learning?

Redadair College attuned to the principle with a goal of improving knowledge and be adaptive to the learning revolution. If done right, it can produce great results by decreasing costs and improving performance. Also, unlike a one time classroom session, the e-Learning course is available for others.

  • Supports the organization's goals: improved training costs, decreased material costs, increased productivity, and standardization.

  • Supports the learner's development: real-time access, freedom to fail, improved retention, and personalized learning.

  • Nurtures a learning organization and community: ongoing access to resources, knowledge management, encourage sharing, and employer of choice.

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