Why trust us to develop your training course?

We are YOUR training course development team - outside of your organization.

We value every service acquisition we get from organizations or individuals. In fact, we don't consider our service as 'outsourcing' but a partnership. To us, you are not a client but a teammate in need of our expertise and assistance. Your trust equates to you owning our best service possible. We stand to deliver within, if not beyond your expectation.

Your advantage

Designing and developing a training course requires time and tons of creativity. We'll simplify what you can get from letting us do the work for you.

  • Your training plans, particularly your creation of a training course, won't be stalled during busy times with other priorities to consider. We'll take care of the development of your training course while you keep yourself busy attending other priorities.

  • Best for start ups or smaller-staffed organizations where requisition of internal training course developer is a challenge or of a lesser priority. This can save cost for the organization - its manpower and other related resources.

  • Let us do all the thinking - spare yourself from creative troubles and save your concepts for other matters significant to your organization. The team is committed in delivering what we advertised

  • You are in control. We will formulate and draft your course's outline and present it to you before we start the groundwork. This will give you time to review and see if it fits to what you need and what you want.

How it works?

Tell us what you need and we'll develop the course for you.

Express your interest to acquire our service via training@redadair.com.au and we'll respond accordingly. We will ask you to provide us the information necessary in developing your training course.


Here are some helpful frequently asked questions to save time on your inquiry.

  • What should I include on the email if I would like to acquire the service?

    Freely express what you desire, fill your email with information to help us understand what you really need.

  • What are the pieces of information should I provide?

    Please provide us pertinent information such as: Course Topic – the scope/theme of the training you want to cover. Goal – your primary objective of the course. Delivery Type – indicate whether the training course is to be delivered via online or via classroom (or blended) Target Audience – indicate whether the training course is to be delivered for internal staff, customers, etc. Target Training Length – indicate how long you plan to run the course given the delivery method stated (days/hours). Organization/Industry type – indicate the nature of your business/organization (e.g. learning institution, health, construction, etc.) Learning Check (optional) – indicate whether you want us to include the course’s learning check and its frequency (e.g. learning check after every end of chapter, learning check after end of the course only)

  • Can I opt out of learning check?

    Although it is recommended to have at least one learning check (end of course) to gauge understanding, it is NOT mandatory. You can definitely opt out should you want your course developed without learning check. Additionally, if you prefer to run your own learning check, you can then leave this option out.

  • How long is your response time?

    We will respond within 1-2 business days. We operate from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM AEST. Please note that response time is different from the actual completion of the project.

  • How long will the course be developed?

    The duration of the development varies depending on the analysis and evaluation of our team. The information you provided will be factored in during this phase. This can be thoroughly discussed during our exchange of communication via email.

  • How much is the service cost?

    Pricing varies depending on the results of the analysis and evaluation that our team will conduct upon receiving your details. This can be thoroughly discussed during our exchange of communication via email.

  • How will I be charged for the service?

    Your inquiry and our possible email exchanges won't cost you anything. During this phase, we will send you a finalized outline for the course, including some concepts, and get your approval and sign-off. Once you agree with what we initially place for your course, we can then discuss the payment.

  • How many course outline proposals can be made before calling the project off?

    As part of ensuring we save your time and our time, we'll send you an outline draft of the course you wish to be developed. You have the control to either agree or decline to the proposed outline. We limit our proposal exchange to three (3) attempts. If you still don't find the outline suitable to what you're looking for, we will then call the project off.